Holiday Platter Perfection Tips from Jill

Feeling good about the ingredients on your holiday party platter is just as important as the company that shares in your celebration! Jilz Crackers are grain-free and gluten-free, nutrient-dense crackers made with five nuts and seeds and all organic ingredients. You can enjoy fresh, organic herbs and spices in our crackers that pair perfectly with cheese, meat, dips, veggies and fruits!

Celebrate the holiday season with the perfect charcuterie board and a five quick tips from Jilz below as you set your table for guests this year. Party photo inspiration fromĀ @houseofcitrine!

  1. Pick a grain-free, gluten-free cracker that you love. Jilz Crackerz three flavors (Sea Salt, Mediterranean & Tuscan) adds a hint of delicious organic herbs and spices to your holiday pairings. Also, low in carbs and made with real ingredients, you can feel great about smothering them with your favorite toppings.
  2. Select a variety of cheeses with a combination of aged, firm and soft, from traditional grass-fed cheddar to dill cream cheese style almond spread.
  3. Cover with colorful and festive fruits and veggies, some of my favorites to add this season include cranberries and figs.
  4. Add grass-fed meat or sustainably sourced smoked salmon in a mixture of smoked and savory flavors.
  5. Pair with your favorite wine!

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